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Strategic Plan : Videos
Overview of Strategic Action Plan to address the unique needs of Black women and girls in Delaware:

NCBWDE strives to be the go-to partner organization on issues affecting black women and girls. NCBWDE endeavors to:

  • Be at the forefront of public policy

  • Leverage the national brand locally

  • Exhibit the gold standard for African-American organizations

  • Increase education access and awareness

  • Issue research and position statements on various issues impacting Black women and girls

  • Increase our visibility in the community

  • Become an invaluable resource for African-American families

  • Engage in collaborative resource development

  • Mentor young Black women and girls

  • Sponsor empowerment programs

Public Policy and Advocacy

Goal  1. Serve as a policy subject-matter expert to support the strategic goals of NCBWDE.

Goal  2. Increase the percentage of Black women engaged in the political process and serving in key leadership roles.

Goal  3. Maintain a process for collecting relevant research and data related to Black women and girls (Black families), and define the methodology for the dissemination of information.

Goal  4. Maintain the protocol for responding to policies, legislation, and practices that impact Black women and girls (Black families).  

Fund Development and Fundraising

Goal  1. Secure funding for the NC100BW-DE Chapter and continue brand recognition for the organization through several different event modes.

Goal  2. Increase the percentage of funding from sources that would not typically attend fundraising events.

Goal  3. Maintain a process for collecting information about relevant funding organizations.

Goal  4. Maintain the protocol for grant writing for specific NC100BW-DE programming.

Economic Empowerment

Goal  1. Increase awareness and access to financial literacy information to support the economic stability of Black women and girls.

Goal  2. Increase the awareness and access to wealth building strategies.

Goal  3. Increase the percentage of established (and support the sustaining of) African-American women-owned businesses in Delaware. 

Goal  4. Build strategic alliances to develop advocacy/public policy activities focused on economic empowerment.



Goal #1: Increase the number of Black women and girls who complete their high school diploma/GED or post-secondary education/training.

Goal # 2: Advocate for equitable funding in education in the state of Delaware.

Goal #3: Increase the applicant pool for NC100BW-DE scholarships.

Goal #4: Lead the development, execution, and expansion of the 100 Bridges program in Delaware.




Goal #1: Continue to raise awareness about Breast Cancer prevention and the different forms of tumors, including Triple Negative Breast Cancer (an aggressive type that predominates black women). 

Goal #2: Continue to raise awareness about Metabolic Syndromes, such as diabetes, excess body fat, hypertension, and prevention.

Goal #3: Host a mental health program that fights stigma and reveals data related to Black women and girls (Black families), and discuss Femicide (the impact of crime and trauma among Black women).

Goal #4: Prevent/Decrease maternal mortality rates among Black women and girls, as well as address: reproductive issues before pregnancy, prenatal care, and post-maternal health.




Goal #1: Increase active membership to over 100 members.

Goal #2: Increase membership benefits. 

Goal #3: Create a plan for membership retention, reclamation, and leadership development.

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