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Sarah Pyle Academy  

On May 4th, 2017, NCBW Delaware Chapter’s President, Melanie Daniels, attended the Christiana School Board Meeting held at Gauger Middle School in Newark, Delaware.  Mrs. Daniels addressed the issue and importance of available dropout prevention educational options in the City of Wilmington, Delaware, and specifically in opposition of the proposed funding out to Sarah Pyle Academy, located in the Northeast Community, 3rd Senatorial District, New Castle County District 4 and the 4th City Council District on 600 N. Lombard Street, Wilmington, Delaware.

Although Sarah Pyle Academy has been recognized as a nationally acclaimed dropout prevention education model by the National Prevention Dropout Center Network, (NPDCN), and named a national best practice and innovative dropout prevention high school alternative to students in the Northeast community, Sarah Pyle Academy was in danger of having their funding cut which would force them to integrate into the three existing high schools in the suburbs.  This would eliminate the only high school program offerings in the City of Wilmington.

To read the public comment issued by our Chapter’s President, Melanie Daniels, in the efforts to save the funding and the existence of Sarah Pyle Academy, click here: 

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