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NCBW100-DE Chapter has social media accounts on a plethora of platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Members and committees are able to submit posts & campaigns on all platforms. The guidelines are as follows:

  •  All posts must be submitted with 2 weeks of the expected posting
    onto a select social media platform

  • All campaign graphics, captions, and videos should be sent at least 7 days in advance to start the day of the campaign with a detailed description of purpose and intention.

  • Any request to design any flyers and or social media posts should be submitted 4 weeks prior to the intended posting date.

If additional questions/insight is needed, a member of the Communication
team will follow up with you via email.

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A Stakeholder list helps communications get the word out to all the important contacts. Please download the template, add contacts, and upload it here.

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