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100 Bridges Program


The 100 Bridges Mentoring Program partners with local Delaware Schools, specifically directed toward Black Girls! In our Group Mentoring Model, We pair participants with NCBW Delaware Chapter Members to encourage and guide Black Girls to work toward achieving success in their lives. This unique opportunity is unparalleled, will you join us? 

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The 100 Bridges Mentoring Program is a partnership with local Delaware High Schools, specifically directed towards black girls! In the Group Mentoring Model, Members of the Delaware Chapter have a unique opportunity to help girls achieve success in their lives by supporting and guiding them. The Group Mentoring Model is one of the best ways that black women can help black girls in their community. Coalition Sisters believe that supporting black girls and providing a safe place to learn, lead and grow can help black girls be just as successful in life as any other youth. NC100BW-DE believes that the work of a mentor may be life changing for certain girls. Growing up can be hard for anyone but in times like these, growing up is even harder for a black girl. Coalition Sisters choose to be mentors because we all know this well. Through life’s lessons, we have learned wisdom and gained inner strength.  The girls we mentor will need guidance, love, support, and kindness in their journey to becoming women. They will need wisdom like ours.



The 100 Bridges Mentoring Program is committed to educating, exposing, and enlightening black girls on topics such as health/wellness, economic power, career exploration, college readiness, STEAM careers, positive self-image, good decision making, and cultural awareness. Girls will also receive access to a diverse range of guest speakers, field trips, college visits, and cultural excursions based on their needs.

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