Delaware Chapter received the "Model Chapter" award at the 2019 Bicentennial Conf






gender equity

Kim Allen
Ronnette Anderson 
Dr. Nakishia Williams Bailey
Charma C.  Bell
Lisa Blunt-Rochester*
Melissa Bordley
Beth A.  Boyer
Latisha Bracy
Sherese  Brewington-Carr
Valerie Brown-Baul
Stacie Burton
Stacy N. Burwell*
Deborah Caldwell 
Kimberley Chambers
Dayna Cobb
Leah Coles*
Kim Collins
Alex Coppadge
Arlene Coppadge
Melanie  Daniels
Angelique Dennis
Dr. Doris Griffin
Michelle Harlee

Cimone Philpotts
Dr. Vita Pickrum
Joyce  Powell
Taria Pritchett
Dr. Malvine Richards, EDD
Dionna J. Sargent
Velma  Scantlebury-White*

Hanifa Shabazz*
Monica Shockley-Porter
Elizabeth Smith
Tamara Smith
Dianne Tabron
Sade Truiett
Trina Turner
Corrine Upshur
Enid Wallace-Simms
Montrell R.   Ward
Daya Washington
Laeia Washington
Lorraine Watson
Michele Williams
Kristen  Williams
Lucretia Young*

Welcome to the NC100BW Family

* denotes Affiliate Members

Red - September 2019 New Members

Nishelle Harris Hines
Sarah  Harrison
Chelsey Henderson
Margaret R.  Henry*
Candice  Horhn
Lynne Howard
Fayetta B.  Jackson
Laurie M. Jacobs*
CaDeidra Jarmon
Kira Johnson
Vanessa  Jones
Alisha Jones
H. Raye  Jones-Avery
Melissa Lee
Dr. Margo  Lewis-Jah
Tajuana Loadholt*
Paula Lockhart
Tiffiney McCrary-Davis
Nichelle McKelvey-Polston 
Mary Ann  Miller
Crystal Mills-Selby
Ellyn G.  Moore
Martha  Morgan
Francine  Oates

 On September 22, 2019, National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc. - Delaware Chapter welcomed eight new members in the most prestigious organizations for African American Women.  These members all graduated from the Mary Ann Shadd Cary and Margaret Rose Henry Civic Engagement Program.  Our mission is simple, it’s to have a measurable impact on the community by advocating on behalf of black women and girls through national and local actions and strategic alliances that promote leadership development and gender equity in the areas of health, education and economic empowerment.  It is our goal that our new members will work continue to work diligently and aggressively as members who walked before them. WE WELCOME YOU!  (New Members.....Left to right Sade Truiett, Cadeidra Jarmon, Candice Horhn, Melissa Lee, Stacie Burton, Dayna Cobb, Crystal Mills-Selby and Monica Shockley-Porter)

Our Members