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The NCBW Delaware Chapter Scholarship Fund honors Dr. Teresa D. Drummond, a scholar devoted to national public service.

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  • Did you know the total population in Delaware is 935,614- women total 476,290--about 51.49% of the population? 
  • According to the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services there were about 110,408 Black Women in the state of Delaware in 2015. That is 11.7% of the total population.
  • The majority of black women and girls in Delaware live in poverty.
  • 32.6% of all DE businesses are owned by women. 74.7% are owned by white women while 19.4% are owned by black women.
  • Only 36% of black females enrolled in 12th grade graduated high school in 2015 according to De Dept. of Education data sources.
  • More than six in ten (62.2%) Black women are in the workforce, making us one of the two racial groups of women with the highest labor force participation rate among women and the only group of women with a higher labor force participation rate than their male counterparts. 
  • Black women’s median annual earnings ($34,000 for those who work full-time, year-round) lag behind most women’s and men’s earnings in the US.
  • About 28% of employed Black women work in service occupations which is the occupational group with the lowest wages. Jobs in this broad occupational group often lack important benefits such as paid sick days.
  •  Black families depend on Black women’s earnings. 8 out of 10 (80.6%) Black mothers are breadwinners, who are either the sole earners or earn at least 40% of household income.
  • Black women remain underrepresented at every level of federal and state political office in the United States. In 2014, Black women composed 6.4% of the US population, but as of August 2016 held only 3.4% of seats in the US Congress and no seats in the US Senate (until Kamala Harris).
  •  In state legislatures, Black women held just 3.5 percent of seats. Only two Black women in the country held a position in statewide executive elected office. 17 States have sent a black woman to Congress, 34 have not.
  •  In Delaware we have 1 Black Congresswomen, 1 Black Woman State Senator (who is retiring in 2018) and 1 Black Woman State Representative.

The National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc., Delaware Chapter (NCBW-DE) presents a content-rich event for today’s busy women juggling everything from career, relationships, and family to health and spiritual responsibilities.

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